Archives for March, 2012

15 Mar 2012

“An infographist is just a visual journalist”
Diagrams whose shapes and colors are reduced to the essential

14 Mar 2012

1897: Swiss statisticians launch Knickgraph
Swiss land area and population density.

09 Mar 2012

The spectacular rise and fall of folk data
Chart used during the protests.

05 Mar 2012

“No one is reading your e-mails”
Paths taken by viral messages. The thicker a line, the more retweets that connection generated.The larger the node, the more retweets that user's participation generated.

04 Mar 2012

Pulsar: how to communicate with extraterrestrials
Successive pulses from the first pulsar discovered.

02 Mar 2012

Diagramming DNA
Similarities of the genomes of four species: humans, chimpanzee, mouse and zebrafish. Each line connects two similar DNA sequences between a human an animal chromosome.
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