Movie: Swiss design for infographics

How to achieve clear and functional designs? Ten renowned information designers talk about Swiss Style’s relevance for today’s infographics.

SwissInfographics met with information designers and theorists to discuss the values of clarity and functionality for infographics, and today’s relevance of Swiss Style. The result is a series of highly inspiring statements condensed into a 10-min movie called “Swiss Style Reboot: The Short Film”.

The video includes contributions from Richard Hollis (author of “Graphic Design: A Concise History”), Geoff McGhee (Stanford), Barbara Junod (Museum für Gestaltung Zürich), John Grimwade (Condé Nast Traveler), Jen Christiansen (Scientific American), Wilson Andrews (The Washington Post), Graham Roberts (The New York Times), Nigel Holmes (formerly at Time magazine), Juan Velasco (National Geographic), Francesco Franchi (IL – Intelligence in Lifestyle) and Nicholas Felton (formerly at Facebook).

The project was part of the Swiss Style Reboot exhibition taking place until July 17 in Boston.

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